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Bong Sun Hwa, over 4 years ago


  • Missing Neo

    Wow very nice and unique..

  • Missing Hong Ling

    Durian king! Keep going!!

  • Missing algerteo

    Good luck=)

  • Missing Bong Sun Hwa

    Thx guys! Thx for the supports.

  • Missing Victor

    Nice design

  • Missing Bong Sun Hwa

    Thx Victor!

  • Missing qwer

    goodluck mate

  • Missing How Tien Sem

    well done and good luck bro !!

  • Missing Star Sean


  • Missing Shawn

    cool, thanks ^^

  • Missing JKen_ss

    nice design!!!

  • Missing welen

    Nice design~~

  • Missing joanne

    nice job~

  • Missing gohsongyong

    Wow It's unique !! Creative !!

  • Missing gohsongyong

    Wow It's unique !! Creative !!

  • Missing Ooi Zhong Lin

    This design is awesome !!!

  • Missing gssyun

    I like it !!

  • Missing desmondchan

    Nice design~

  • Missing TanCY

    This is nice man ! Malaysia feel !

  • Missing Shino


  • Missing Bong Sun Hwa

    Thx everyone. Few more hours to go. Let home I can get it home!

  • Missing Louis Tan

    Keep up your good work^^

  • Missing Jayden

    Well design!

  • Missing feng

    Good design & good luck yaa

  • Missing Qiaobei

    Nice design (y)

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"Regarded by many people in southeast Asia as the "king of fruits. The edible flesh emits a distinctive odour that is strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact." Wikipedia