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Bong Sun Hwa, over 4 years ago


  • Missing grace liaw

    Nice design!

  • Missing lookokchun

    what a wonderful design!!!!!!!perfect design ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missing Kit

    All the best for you!

  • Missing Chinn Huei


  • Missing Tan

    it's so cool~

  • Missing Tan

    it's so cool~

  • Missing Nicholas

    Nice job

  • Missing sing

    Good design..

  • Missing Tan

    Good idea, great design! Thx

  • Missing Bong Sun Hwa

    Hi Everyone! for 3D Printing Service, look for me for an affordable and precision prototyping!

  • Missing show

    great 3D

  • Missing Bong Sun Hwa

    Thanks everyone for sparing times to vote for my design! All the best to everyone!

  • Missing Apple Wong


  • Missing carina chow

    good job^^

  • Missing Tan

    love durian design!

  • Missing YOMG

    Very Interesting Design!

  • Missing Sheng

    Botak Great Job

  • Missing YONG

    Good Job!Man!

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Awesome support and spirit in this competition! Sun Hwa is already a winner to us - thanks for bringing such strong competition and diversity to Singapore's Heritage making!

  • Missing shen

    Very Good Design

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Clearly, this Durian strikes a strong chord with our audience. Can this Heritage King of Fruits be the king of Heritage 3D design as well?

  • Missing Bong Sun Hwa

    King will remain accountable as long as it exist!

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Congrats on coming in a close second, Sun Hwa! We'll definitely launch more contests soon with even better prizes such as 3D printers, so stay tuned!

  • Missing garion

    Haha not bad sun hwa... i should restart my 3d modeling again :)

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Garion - we encourage you too! More awesome contests are in the works with incredible sponsor prizes so plenty of chances for you to be recognized and to spread your talent to the community ;)

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"Regarded by many people in southeast Asia as the "king of fruits. The edible flesh emits a distinctive odour that is strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact." Wikipedia