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Dato Ong Chun Hong, over 5 years ago


  • Missing Julie Tan

    Dato you go for hard one ah?

  • Missing kelvin lee

    Eh geng leh. BRAVO!! Bro!!

  • Missing Jaryn

    Nice! Keep it up!

  • Missing Chris Chan

    This is impressive ! Great design up thr!

  • Missing Cheng Wei Shin

    Nice, next time come teach me haha, can feel the difficulty by placing those spike on the building!

  • Missing Chris Chan


  • Missing Chris Chan


  • Missing limbei95

    Nice p:

  • Missing Lim Kok Guan

    Nice design!!!

  • Missing KCWS

    Dato all the best !

  • Missing Goh Kah Fu

    fantasticccccccccccccc design! Good Job!!

  • Missing Jack


  • Missing Chung Jian Sheng

    keep it up ;)

  • Sm 1424792758 Dato Ong Chun Hong

    Contest is ending, thank you very machi my family, friends, colleagues, family's friends, friend's family, friends' friends, i never thought i would get so much supports. The contest isn't the focus, what really matters is that you all know Dato the Great is modelling and printing his artworks now. So, if you ever need any help from Him, do not hesitate to reach him @ +6594872157 or Dato bless you and Happy Chinese New Year again. Meh all your wishes come true and let's fight harder in 2015!! Thanks again^^

  • Missing Timothy

    Superb! Keep up the good work!!

  • Missing Wong Kah Siong

    As a designer, I can see this is the most complicated model among all. Well done Ong! :)

  • Missing Joel


  • Missing ckviwawa

    Great! Looking forward for your upcoming design

  • Missing jessica


  • Missing tai

    Proud of Sg~!!

  • Missing tai

    IMpressive art, proud of SG~!

  • Missing Jeremy Chong


  • Missing show

    wow great design

  • Missing Ivan

    Good job. Very impressive

  • Missing suxian


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Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay.
954 spikes do take a while to be modeled out, I feel marvelous!!