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Vincent, over 5 years ago


  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    The dragon seems to be in vogue this year. Now we have a really incredible mobile phone stand. Thank you for your entry Vincent!

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    My pleasure Victor. Glad you like it :)

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    We hope the community will enjoy it as much as we do. Cheers

  • Missing ppuskari

    Enjoying Vincent's work from half way around the globe. Nice solid design. I'm thinking this might also work out very well for keeping the phone in one place too since you can wedge it between the bottom cutouts. Being a lightweight stand that will be important. Even my normal old Apple iphone dock tends to slip off the desk. Good work!

  • Missing Kai Sheng

    Nice one. Support

  • Missing Kenny Chia

    very gooddddddd

  • Missing TAN TING SHENG

    great design

  • Missing leekarmun

    nice looking dragon

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Thanks for all the support !!!! Appreciate it much ^^

  • Missing v-nie


  • Missing Lee Yeng Yang

    Good design !!

  • Missing tohsherlynn

    One talented person. Importance of practicality is met. Keep up the good work and creativity.

  • Missing Joyce Chee

    good design^^

  • Missing Oh Hai Seng

    Nice design!

  • Missing Yu Han

    Awesome design! Keep up the good work Vincent! :D

  • Missing Rui

    Nice work!

  • Sm 1416850957 April Martin

    Great job!

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Thanks everyone :)

  • Missing protongt

    Put 1 goat... :)

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Thanks for the suggestion protongt

  • Missing Zack


  • Missing Raymond Falcon


  • Missing Fiona


  • Missing David Hong Han

    Wonderful Design!!!

  • Missing jj sg

    Love this.

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About Design

This is a phone stand which I derived from an old heritage Singaporean playground. I'm only utilizing the head of the Dragon as it's the most detailed and unique and symbolic part of the playground. This phone stand is 8 cm wide, which is capable of fitting most of your smartphones, especially iPhones. At the back of my design is a spare space, which can be utilized to dock your powerbanks, wires (which can be also twined around the dragon's horns) and you'll never have to go looking for your powerbanks, ever again!. With this design, it's like a two-bird-one-stone kind of situation: while charging your phone, the phone stand is also a place to help safekeeping your powerbanks/chargers from getting lost!
*Design will be updated from time to time*

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