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Vincent, over 5 years ago


  • Missing CSKok

    Phone dock and charger holder, 2 birds one stone =D i mean.. who'd not go for such convenience like this? =D C'mon people!! keep the votes coming!! =D let the world see this design! Let the world see Singapore's Heritage!

  • Missing Chee Keat

    nice :)

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Thanks all ! Let's rock it :)

  • Missing ONG CHIA HOWE

    cool bro!!

  • Missing er wen


  • Missing yeoh

    Nice design

  • Missing ying ying

    very practical, nice idea

  • Missing puiyeel

    Looks cool~! Will try it~

  • Missing tiongiong

    fantastic baby

  • Missing Luke

    I have never seen such a masterpiece before!

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Hey thanks Luke !!!

  • Missing Shun Qin

    Awesome ! Like it ^^

  • Missing Michelle kok


  • Missing Dennis Goh

    Nice job! You can do it!

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Thanks all !! Yes I can do it !!!

  • Missing Galen N.

    Insightful, Vincent =D excellent choice of concept to implement the Dragon head with! =D well done =D

  • Missing Steve Spence

    Very Cool Design!

  • Missing Hadi


  • Missing Han Ru Lim

    Excellent design...keep it up yar~

  • Missing Jwen

    WOW!!!! Very good!

  • Missing Vivian Song

    Nice one!

  • Missing KH

    Nice, very good.

  • Missing Chew Mei Chee

    The phone stand design is very good and useful. It is a wonderful design in 2015.

  • Missing ONG CHONG YONH

    Well done Vincent. The world may change because of your invention. Keep it up. :)

  • Missing k

    good job

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About Design

This is a phone stand which I derived from an old heritage Singaporean playground. I'm only utilizing the head of the Dragon as it's the most detailed and unique and symbolic part of the playground. This phone stand is 8 cm wide, which is capable of fitting most of your smartphones, especially iPhones. At the back of my design is a spare space, which can be utilized to dock your powerbanks, wires (which can be also twined around the dragon's horns) and you'll never have to go looking for your powerbanks, ever again!. With this design, it's like a two-bird-one-stone kind of situation: while charging your phone, the phone stand is also a place to help safekeeping your powerbanks/chargers from getting lost!
*Design will be updated from time to time*

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