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Vincent, over 5 years ago


  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Hahahaha, thanks Ong !!!

  • Missing Jake Lee

    Thumbs up!

  • Missing rhrhrhrh

    Nice looking design ya

  • Missing Weiquek

    Love to see the prototype

  • Missing Jun

    Tee hee

  • Missing hooxy

    Not bad ~ Is kinda my dream phone holder

  • Missing How Yong Guan

    Cool Dragon

  • Missing Lucas

    Looks good and functional, great design!

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Hahaha, I am excited to see the prototype as well printed by 3DLantis !!!

  • Missing fooyuh92

    looking cool buddy!

  • Missing CSKok

    Just a suggestion: maybe u can replace the heart with a Singaporean Flag imprint(bevel) or something =D but overall, excellent work judging from its stability and proportions =D just cant wait to see the real printed stuff =D

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Hahaha, thanks man :)

  • Missing sophiawong9121


  • Missing CSKok

    Or.... maybe in your next design, u can make a phone holder for the whole family =D cool? xD

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    @CSKok, making a collection of stuff hahaha

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    @hooxy, next time print for you lah XD

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    @weiquek, will keep you updated on the prototype !

  • Missing JY_Chan

    Nice idea :D

  • Missing Pauline


  • Missing CSKok

    actually, @protongt's idea also not bad~~ maybe we can try implementing goat into one of your designs in the future =D organic modelling, challenge accepted, Vincent? =D

  • Sm 1424790305 Ali.Challenger

    Welldone Vincent, you getting higher, all the best.

  • Missing CSKok

    @vincent excited till cant sleep edi xD waiting for the results =D @victor u here as well?

  • Missing CHUAH HEE JIHN

    Great design!

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Vincent - your skills are really improving dramatically! Yes we can't wait to 3D print the prototype too! and yes we love all the ideas generated here too! Thanks everyone for your contributions to this community :)

  • Missing Raymond

    I love the dragon head!

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About Design

This is a phone stand which I derived from an old heritage Singaporean playground. I'm only utilizing the head of the Dragon as it's the most detailed and unique and symbolic part of the playground. This phone stand is 8 cm wide, which is capable of fitting most of your smartphones, especially iPhones. At the back of my design is a spare space, which can be utilized to dock your powerbanks, wires (which can be also twined around the dragon's horns) and you'll never have to go looking for your powerbanks, ever again!. With this design, it's like a two-bird-one-stone kind of situation: while charging your phone, the phone stand is also a place to help safekeeping your powerbanks/chargers from getting lost!
*Design will be updated from time to time*

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