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CSKok, over 5 years ago


  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    We love this heritage fact which you have introduced to us - Thanks for that CS Kok! I didn't even know we had a Made by Rollei Singapore brand of cameras.

  • Sm 1416850941 Vincent

    Very nice !

  • Missing yihong.k

    Nice looking camera ! i wonder which CAD software did you use?

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    CSKok - perhaps this can be done in Tinkercad free software?

  • Missing CSKok

    Sorry for the late reply guys >_<" no notification for this platform tho =X I'm using 3DsMax =D TinkerCAD ar.. maybe i can try someday =D

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Hi CS, actually we do send out auto emails to you everytime you get a message in your post. :) Yeah, TinkerCAD is pretty good for solid shapes and aligning objects and it's free..

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Singapore's pride, a camera brand who fought hard in the market and survive till today! Rollei of its oldest models, Rollei 35