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Gerald Chin, almost 5 years ago


  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Looks like a really cool and hypnotic top! We can't wait to 3D print it to see the effect :)

  • Sm 1417272982 Gerald Chin

    Thanks victor! Really appreciate the compliments. :)

  • Missing melissa

    Had always linked tops to boys' toy. This top has a more unisexual look, it makes it more visually appealing to females as well, when it reminds me of icecream swirls.

  • Missing Shaun

    Most tops just look like cheap chunks of UFO-shaped plastic or wood, appealing to younger kids who are merely captivated by it's spinning motion with little regard for it's aesthetic appeal. But here's a toy which posesses elegance. It's minimalistic design makes it as much an object worthy of display as it is a plaything. Two thumbs up!!!

  • Missing Dorothy Phee

    An innovation of all Tops !!! Graceful Spiral spin, Creative and Elegant design...... good job !!!

  • Missing Abraham

    This looks amazing. Pretty cool for a spinning top to be a hypnosis device. Somebody's been watching Inception. Good job!

  • Sm 1417272982 Gerald Chin

    Thank you all for the complements!

  • Missing Sun Ten

    Like Like Like

  • Sm 1417272982 Gerald Chin

    Glad that you like it! :)

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    We've been test printing Gerald's awesome spinning toy on makerbot and flashforge 3D printers. It appears that the design may not be printable using FFF / FDM printers even with support structures used. SLS or SLA printing might be more suitable for such an intricate design.... Has anyone else tried printing this?

  • Sm 1417272982 Gerald Chin

    To those who are interested to print it at home, do slant the product 30degree and print it with higher res, more shells and slower speed to get the optimal look! Cheers to all! :)

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    Congratulations Gerald! We selected your 3D design as the winner, not just because you had the highest score but also that you found a workable solution to the printing problem. We will be in touch with you shortly about your prize. Hope to see you at the ArtScience Museum Living Leonardos showcase this Sunday!

  • Sm 1417272982 Gerald Chin

    Thank you for awarding me the prize! I had a good learning experience in designing this top in this competition as well. Looking forward to the exhibition this Sunday! :) I would like to thank all those that supported my design as well. Cheers to all!

  • Missing Yong Zhong Sun

    Thanks Gerald, great competing with you too. Your spiral top is pretty damn awesome too, not easy to get that swirling design. *Thumbs up* :) Btw, what designing program do you use? Cos Autodesk fusion 360 occasionally makes me rage quit

  • Sm 1417272982 Gerald Chin

    Thanks Zhong Sun. I use rhino 5 and for the rendering I used keyshot. Pretty decent. :)

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About Design

Feast your eyes upon the simple yet elegant toy, La Spirale. A minimalistic and elegant spinning top that is composed of spirals. However it is more than meets the eyes. When you spin the top, the difference in thickness and the merger of 2 spirals into one spiral, causing the toy to be a Bistable Optical Illusion. Some observers initially see the top spinning clockwise and some anti-clockwise. Additionally, some may see the top suddenly spin in the opposite direction.
You can download the .stl file from the link together with 2 animated simulation views of how La Spirale will look like when it is spinning.
Take a break, spin the top and immerse yourself in the hypnotic and illusionary display of La Spirale, watch as all your worries spin away.

Designer Bio
Product Design Student in Nanyang Technological University, Art, Design and Media.