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Sun Ten, almost 5 years ago


  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    What a colourful and unique toy fantasy battle knife! It is going to be fun 3D printing the model and putting it together. We will need a bigger printer, or we could find creative ways to do it. A worthy challenge nonetheless - well done!

  • Missing Sun Ten

    Thank you. Hope it really can be print, very excited to see the real product instead on monitor.

  • Sm 1417272982 Gerald Chin

    This reminds me of maple story weapons. Cool design. :)

  • Missing yee

    so cool!!! well done

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    The STL file for the knive's handle seems to be missing from the uploaded ZIP.

  • Missing Sun Ten

    Actually both of the knives are sharing with one handle, which mean you can change to any type you like with that handle.

  • Sm 1416850877 Victor

    hi Sun Ten, thank you very much for entering our contest. This time round, although you did not get into the top 3 positions, you were very close to coming in third. We hope to work with you in upcoming contests to come up with similar creative designs.

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