BuiltinSG 3D Design Competition
Contest Ended

In partnership with Mēkā, 3Dlantis is launching a 3D printing design contest. We are calling on all 3D artists, art-deco designers and product designers to create outstanding and beautiful works of art which draw inspiration from Singapore's heritage. The contest is open to all designers worldwide.
We love to be surprised, so amaze us with your unique inventions and creations which can both look good as well as be functional. Your design can be 3D printable or in sketch form, both of which qualify for the contest. We love smart product designs so please use less supports and do ensure your walls are thick enough and your design watertight.
At the end of the contest, the entries with the most votes, downloads and comments will win the top prize of US$500 cash. Do check out some of the existing works at BuiltinSG for inspiration as well.

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